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Construction worker using photo documentation app on jobsite.

Why Construction Site Photo Documentation is Important

In construction, keeping a project on track (and your customers happy) is easier said than done. However, increasing your visibility into a construction project with...

Construction worker using mobile data capture on jobsite.

Mobile Data Capture: How it's Changing Construction

For the past several years, the construction industry has increased industry productivity by incorporating more technology. Still, many construction companies have resisted this...

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Construction Project Documentation Checklist.

Construction Project Documentation Checklist

Trying to stay on time with a project, communicating progress with stakeholders, making sure you get paid for all the work your team does on site—these are only a few of the...

screenshot of timesheet approvals in Raken.

Simplify Payroll with Timesheet Approvals

Processing accurate and timely payroll is essential for any construction business. We built Time Cards to make it easy to collect time data from the field. After listening to...

construction workers examining blueprints.

How Smoothing Out Cash Flow Can Improve Jobsite Safety

This blog is a collaboration with our friends at Billd . Safety and cash flow are inarguably two of the most important aspects of every contracting company. Without a solid...

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construction superintendent supervising jobsite.

5 Traits That Make an Effective Construction Superintendent

Being a construction superintendent isn’t easy. From upper-level management to field crews, you have a lot of people (with very different needs) to keep happy. You also have to...

Person using printer.

How to Reduce Paperwork in Construction with Digital Documentation

Historically, construction has always used pen and paper. Daily reports, toolbox talks, checklists... paper is used for pretty much everything. However, shifting away from...

person using computer mouse.

Choosing the Right Certified Payroll Partner for Your Construction Business

This blog is a collaboration with our friends at Points North . If you’re performing work for government clients (like federal, state, or municipal) and need to pay and report...

What is Construction Litigation.

What is Construction Litigation?

Construction litigation is an area of law concerning legal disputes that arise during any stage of the construction process. Construction litigation can be costly and...

Stack 1st Annual Preconstruction Technology Report book.

3 Things We Learned from STACK's Preconstruction Report

How does software continue to impact the construction industry (for the better)? We partnered with our friends at STACK Construction Technologies to find out. Industry insights...

Industry News Tips
subcontractor welding on construction jobsite.

How to Hire Subcontractors for Construction

Whether you’re a project manager for a larger general contractor, or a brand new GC, one thing’s for sure: You need to know how to hire a subcontractor or trade contractor. In...

construction worker collecting data on the construction jobsite with tablet.

Top Tips for Collecting Real-Time Data from the Jobsite

In the construction industry, real-time jobsite data is key to improving your projects. Valuable insights from your data will help you see where you can boost your efficiency...


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