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Infographic: How to Use Construction Tech to Recruit Younger Workers.

4 Ways Construction Tech Can Help You Recruit Younger Workers

Construction is one of the oldest industries out there—and, according to a study by Tallo , one of the least appealing to Gen Z workers. In a time of labor shortages and...

Q&A: Raken & Egnyte.

Q&A With Egnyte: Why Cybersecurity is a Must in the Construction Industry (and How to Start Protecting Your Data)

Raken customers have the benefit of insightful field data to reference throughout projects—as well as after projects have been completed. But keeping this data safe and secure...

Infographic: Why Diversity Matters for Construction Companies.

How Diversity Can Benefit Your Construction Company

Diversity brings many benefits to a team, but a recent report by the National Institute of Building Sciences found that many women and people of color experience discrimination...

construction worker using timecard app on mobile phone.

How to Improve Your Construction Timesheets (and Save Money)

In the construction industry, time is money. Projects already take up a lot of work hours, and rightfully so. However, the time spent on tracking construction projects can break...

three construction workers on jobsite.

6 Ways Construction Companies Can Improve Employee Retention

The labor shortage in construction has made turnover an even bigger challenge. For companies, now’s the perfect time to look inward—and make sure your workers are happy to stay....

Logos of cloud storage software Raken integrates with.

Cloud Storage for Construction—and How it Improves Project Visibility

Project data is critical to the construction industry. With it, businesses know exactly how a project is going—and can make more informed decisions to improve production. When...

logos of construction accounting software.

How to Choose the Best Accounting Software for Construction

For construction companies, there’s more to a project than just building. Accounting and payroll processing are just as important to manage. But when you have multiple jobsites,...

construction worker using mobile phone.

3 Reasons Tech is Worth Implementing—Especially on a Tight Deadline

Every summer, construction crews are given hard deadlines for school renovation projects. And it doesn’t stop there—throughout the year, projects with tight timelines, and...

Subcontractor using subcontractor mobile app on jobsite.

How Production Tracking Software Helps Subcontractors Navigate the Current Market

The construction industry has been forced to change and adapt as the COVID-19 pandemic affected everything from material availability to projects being called off completely....

Construction worker using photo documentation app on jobsite.

Why Construction Site Photo Documentation is Important

In construction, keeping a project on track (and your customers happy) is easier said than done. However, increasing your visibility into a construction project with...

Construction worker using mobile data capture on jobsite.

Mobile Data Capture: How it's Changing Construction

For the past several years, the construction industry has increased industry productivity by incorporating more technology. Still, many construction companies have resisted this...

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screenshot of timesheet approvals in Raken.

Simplify Payroll with Timesheet Approvals

Processing accurate and timely payroll is essential for any construction business. We built Time Cards to make it easy to collect time data from the field. After listening to...


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