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Catch up on all the latest construction tips, news, and updates.

What is a mechanical contractor?.

What is a Mechanical Contractor?

Learn about mechanical contractor responsibilities, salaries, software, and more.


What is an Electrical Contractor?

Learn about electrical contractor salaries, skills, training, and more.

QA vs. QC.

QA vs. QC in Construction

The terms quality assurance and quality control may sound similar but actually describe two distinct functions in the construction industry. Understanding the difference between...

subcontractors working on construction site.

How to Be a Successful Subcontractor

The world of subcontracting is always changing. Demand for specialty subcontractors remains high, leading to plenty of competition for project bids. That’s why it’s more...

What is a concrete contractor?.

What is a Concrete Contractor?

Learn about the skilled contractors who work with concrete, their average salaries, training requirements, and the software they use on the job.

What is a Submittal in Construction? A Definitive Guide.

What is a Submittal in Construction? A Definitive Guide

Submittals are a crucial part of the construction process. This guide defines what a submittal is, explains how submittals are used, and describes best submittal practices. What...

5 Tips to Effectively Manage Subcontractors.

Five Tips to Effectively Manage Subcontractors

The construction job market has never been tighter. Ongoing labor shortages paired with high demand for construction workers puts even more pressure than usual on GCs to manage...

How to prepare for an OSHA inspection in construction.

How to Prepare for an OSHA Inspection in Construction

Construction Dive recently revealed that in 2022, OSHA inspected more construction sites than any other type of workplace. What is an OSHA worksite inspection? During an...

Safety Tips
aerial shot of cement trucks on a jobsite.

Six Ways to Stand Out in the Construction Industry

You don’t have to be paying close attention to notice that construction is on the rise. All it takes is driving through any of America’s metropolitan areas, where you’ll see...

6 Tips For Advancing Your Construction Career.

6 Tips for Advancing Your Construction Career

Professional growth is a universal goal for anyone in the workforce, regardless of their field. However, the path to career advancement can look different in each industry. In...

The Evolution of Construction Technology.

The Evolution of Construction Technology Through the Years

Construction has existed as an industry for as long as humans have sought shelter from the elements. It didn’t take long before humans aspired to grander visions, though, as...

Marking up a construction progress photo on mobile phone.

How To Manage Construction Progress Photos

As an experienced industry professional, you know firsthand how important daily reports are for construction projects. One of the most crucial parts of these reports is...


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