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construction workers using laptop on jobsite.

Using Data to Streamline Construction Project Management

Today’s project managers have a wide variety of construction technology solutions at their disposal to help collect and assess critical information from the field. If your...

person pointing at something on laptop screen.

Types of Construction Disputes and How to Avoid Them

Disputes are a common occurrence in construction, and many businesses spend a significant amount of time and resources on litigation each year. In 2020, construction companies...

three construction workers walking on jobsite.

How Communication Improves Productivity in Construction

For many types of businesses, good communication is essential to success. This is especially true in the construction industry, where the quality and consistency of information...

stack of lumber on construction site.

Solving Supply Management Issues in Construction

In 2022, global research firm BSI released a supply chain risk insights report describing how new export and import laws, inflation, climate change, the continuing effects of...

construction phone cases.

The Best Phone Cases for Construction Workers

Just like a hammer or screwdriver, your phone is a valuable tool on the jobsite. Using mobile devices, contractors can access construction management apps and other time-saving...

security sign on fence of construction site.

High-Tech Ways To Combat Construction Site Theft

In 2022, the National Equipment Register reports that the number of jobsite theft incidents has risen steadily over the past five years. During Labor Day weekend alone,...

two construction workers on jobsite discussing design problems.

Design Problems Affecting the Construction Industry

Every successful construction project begins with a good design. If mistakes are made during the planning phase of a project, profitability suffers—sometimes drastically if the...

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clients visiting construction site and looking at laptop.

Tips for Managing Client Expectations in Construction

Client expectations affect nearly every business that works directly with customers, but in the construction industry they are especially difficult to manage. Construction work...

construction crew discussing project timeline.

The Importance of Project Timelines in Construction

Planning the project timeline is an important part of construction management and one of the most complex tasks at the beginning stage of any construction project. Project...

construction worker wiping forehead.

How Managers Can Prevent Employee Burnout in Construction

This year, the American Psychological association reported that more people than ever before are experiencing the negative effects of work-related stress . According to the...

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three construction workers of different generations talking on jobsite.

Managing Generational Gaps on the Jobsite

Construction companies with multigenerational workforces enjoy many benefits. Each generation has unique views and experiences, and these diverse perspectives contribute to...

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construction project manager using calculator for budgeting.

Why Do Construction Projects Go Over Budget?

To make profit, construction companies must carefully plan and schedule their projects. Materials, labor, equipment rentals, and all other expenses are calculated and added to...

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