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Catch up on all the latest construction tips, news, and updates.

construction worker using tool in the rain.

Using Construction App Software to Manage Weather Delays

Construction companies often get sued over delay claims, and weather is one of the most common causes of those delays. Severe weather events can also increase costs and endanger...

heavy equipment on construction site.

Business Intelligence for Construction Firms: An Introduction

Construction Growth in 2017 The Market Research Hub (or MRH) released their latest figures for the worldwide growth of the construction industry. According to that source, "The...

Manpower reports.

Manpower Reports

Learn about the importance of manpower reports in construction and discover how Raken streamlines the process for creating and sharing them.

Computer code on screen.

Beta Testing Can Help Fool-Proof Your Software

There is a Japanese manufacturing term, poka-yoke , which essentially means “to make mistake-proof.” It was originally coined as part of the quality-control measures used in...

heavy equipment on construction site.

Three Reasons Why Superintendents Need the Raken App

Raken software is revolutionizing the construction industry with its advanced field management solutions for superintendents. With that being said, here are three reasons why...

two construction workers on jobsite.

5 Construction Blog Ideas for General Contractors

It may sometimes seem as if everyone has a blog. Is this a good idea for your company as well? It's true that in the early days of blogging, the contents of these electronic...

GPS technology on construction site.

5 Ways To Improve Construction Jobsite Communication

Everyone has seen vacations, dinners out, and committee projects fall apart due to a lack of communication. While no one knowing whose job it was to make the dinner reservations...

construction jobsite.

Keeping Communication Effective on a Construction Jobsite

Many things have improved within our industry in the last decade, from better business practices, to increased safety, more effective equipment , and happier and better trained...


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