Accepting an Invite

Watch how subcontractors can accept an invite to Raken

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This short video shows subcontractors how to accept an invite sent by a GC. By accepting the invite and creating a password, you will have full access to utilizing Raken on this project, free of cost. Enter your logs, photos and observations in minutes. Raken captures all your inputs and creates a company branded daily report automatically emailed to your GC, PM, or owner.


So you've been invited by GC to do your daily reports in Raken- don't worry it's super easy. First thing you want to do is check your email and find a welcome email you received from Raken after you click let's get started simply select and confirm a password to be used on our website or app on this step just enter your phone number job title and hit continue. If you're the first person in your company to be invited into Raken you'll be asked to fill out a few additional fields otherwise you bypass that step and you're all set be sure to download the raken app from the App Store or complete your dailies right through the web version if you prefer.

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