Adding Attachments

Learn how to easily add attachments such as photos, videos, and other files like PDF, Excel, and Word to your Raken construction daily reports.

Make Your Reports Pop

In this video we take you through the ins and outs of adding attachments to your Raken daily reports. Attachments can set your daily apart from the crowd and make your progress on the site clear to everyone. See below for a full transcript of the tutorial.


To add attachments to your Raken daily report, first you'll need to select a project and head to the right day. From here, click attachments. you can drag and drop items fro your desktop right into the window, or you can click to upload them from a folder. You can add photos, videos, audio clips, PDFs, or word documents. All your attachments show up in your daily report. Visual media floats to the top, while your documents appear as clickable links at the end. You can also search for attachments in your dashboard. To narrow your search, just select the project you want to see. You can even narrow the results by type to see just the attachments you want.

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