Assigning Tasks

In this tutorial video we'll show you how to assign, view and complete tasks using Raken.

Stay on Top of Your Tasks

In this video we show you how to assign tasks to yourself or other team members/subcontractors, choose due dates, add descriptions and attachments, and more.


You can assign, view, and complete tasks using Raken. Tasks can be assigned to yourself, your team or your subcontractors, and are visible on the Raken app and website. To create a task select the project, click tasks, click on the plus sign on the top right of the screen, select an assignee, a due date, and a task description. Using attachments, you can upload photos, videos or drawings needed to explain this task.

Once the task is created, it populates the assignees task list, showing which tasks need to be completed. Assignees will receive an email and a text indicating that the task was assigned to them. The dashboard can be used to keep track of which tasks are open, who's responsible for them, and when their due date is.

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