Customizing Daily Report Templates

Learn how to add your own logo and branding to your Raken daily reports.

Own Your Daily Reports

Raken's construction daily reports are company branded and show company colors. In this video, we show you how to easily customize your PDF daily report to match your company branding.


With Raken you can now fully customize your daily reports by project to get started click on company and project templates on here you can either edit a template you currently have or create anew template in this example I want to create a new template the first thing you want to do is give it a name I'll call this template daily report template.

By checking this box here you can make this the company default template what this means is that any new projects created on raken will default to this template under general you can specify your date format preference as well as the weather capture times and weather measurement units you can also specify which days of the week or month reports will be required under a daily report you'll be able to fully customize which sections of the daily report you like to make visible on your PDF this includes work logs hours notes safety observations quality control observations survey questions empty sections and time stamps any of these can be turned on or off based on your needs serving questions will allow you to create the exact questions that you need answered for each of your projects on here you can create new questions by selecting a category and typing a question or reordering questions the way you wish you can enter as many questions as you like under daily report recipients you can enter email addresses for people that will receive the daily report automatically on a daily basis.

We have a couple options here based on how you're using raken daily report which in this field here will automatically email this daily report to whoever you like once the report is signed for customers utilizing our super daily which is in short a collection of all dailies from a particular day including the superintendent as well as all subs onsite you'll want to use this field here lastly you can select to auto email reports immediately after signed or at a particular time that works best for you it's saved when you're happy with your selections to apply this template to an existing project select the project click project info and click settings simply select the template here and hit apply if you have changes that you want to make to this project in particular without affecting the entire template you can make them on this page here by clicking through the same sections available on the template changes made to an existing project will go into effect the following day.

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