Inviting Subcontractors

Learn how to invite subcontractors to Raken so you can complete a Raken Super Daily.

Invite More People to the Party

This video shows how easy it is to invite your subcontractors to collaborate on your daily reports. Subcontractors with access to your projects will only see their own inputs. All daily reports collected will roll up into a "Super Daily" containing the superintendent's report as well as all the sub's reports.


Raken's super daily follows the same format as the award-winning Raken daily report. It has your company logo, shows project information, automatic weather capture, photos, work logs, notes and dailies. Here's where the magic happens subcontractor reports will be collated and hyperlinked containing all the information you need from all your subs in one super daily just click on the subcontractors name to access his report then jump back to the index to see the others. getting started is super easy simply login at and select the project and click Add project members. on this page you can invite your own team members under add team members or your subcontractors under add outside collaborators for this video we'll be inviting subcontractors so you can start by typing in the company name of this field you can find an existing company or create a new one for instance if you're inviting joe smith from helix in encinitas just type in helix select the company and enter Joe's email address and name click on the plus sign if youwant to invite any other subs. Add a personal message and hit send invite.

Throughout today your dashboard will be populated with your project members activities so you can view and manage what everyone is up to on the job don't worry only you can view everyone's inputs subs can only see their own activity. your photo gallery will also be populated with everyone's photos making it the central location for all your photo documentation just use the filters to specify who is for visible to you. lastly all your reports as well as your subcontractor reports will be sorted and organized into folders facilitating access and backed up for ten years to protect your business.

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