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Learn how to invite team members to Raken.

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This video shows how easy it is to send a user invite & assign project access to new users on Raken. Easily send an invite and assign project access to your superintendents, foremen, project managers, or execs. Once assigned to projects, users can view project information, reports and online dashboard.


To add a new user to your company's Raken account you go to team and click add team members. on here all you have to do is enter your email address and their name. Clicking the green plus sign will allow you to invite Multiple team members at once if you'd like. you can then click send invite and click yes to confirm. On this page, you can easily assign projects to your new team member. You can also assign the team member a role by clicking here. Click add to project and you're set. Raken will send a new user an email with a link to create a password. To log into the website or the app, the new user will use his email address and the password he just created.

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