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Come and see how you can easily note that no work was done on a site, meaning you can keep your reports 100% compliant.

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We're happy to announce we've added several new improvements to help you keep your report compliance accurate, manage your past reports and have better visibility over report completion. Raken's newest improvements allow for you to have a quick snapshot of your monthly compliance, complete and sign reports, and mark reports as no work done directly from your calendar. Along with the new streamlined color-coded calendar we also created a couple new labels for reports.

The first one is called no work done. This is intended for when my work was performed the job site due to a delay or for days when you weren't at the job site at all. We realized this occurs often so we want to make sure your compliance doesn't get penalized days when no reports could have been completed the main goal here is to ensure your compliance is accurate. The other label were created is called unsigned- this just means you added inputs to a report but they are not signed yet. This is to make sure you can easily find them and get them signed- this will also ensure that your compliance remains as accurate as possible.

With that said here's the new look of our calendar at the top you have the month and year the number of missed reports this month the number of unsigned reports this month and how many days you marked has no work done on the calendar itself you find the same colors so days marked in red will be missed dailies orange will be unsigned dalies and blue will be the days no work was performed from here you can quickly access a report to either view it completed or mark as no work done. For example this day's mark is missed once I click on it I have the ability to either complete this daily which will take me to this daily report or mark it as no work done we also created an easy way for you to mark an entire period as no work done. This is specially needed during periods where the project was delayed or if you are not at the job site for a period of time simply click on this button on the top right of the calendar select the start date and end date and hit no work done.

Now if you click on a date that was completed you have the ability to quickly view this daily report PDF by clicking on the daily completed button or revisit this report in writing by clicking view date we also made a couple time-saving changes in missed dailies as well as completed dailies navigate to project info then click missed dailies and click on a date to either complete a missed daily or mark that day as no work done last but not least we created a tool to help you quickly sign multiple reports that were unsigned simply navigate to completed dailies select the appropriate time frame then mark each check box on the top right of the thumbnails then hit sign.

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