Raken Mobile Tutorial

Save up to 60 minutes a day with Raken App. Daily reports are streamlined to a few clicks. Take a tour of Raken mobile and learn how to save time right away.

Field Management in Your Hand

Real construction work happens in the field, and Raken mobile knows it. In this video we take you through how to use Raken's mobile app and show you how to capture jobsite information in the field faster than ever before.


Raken was designed with the field in mind and that means putting all of the important tools right in your hand with our mobile app- it starts with your daily report. Raken will automatically put you on the right day and you just start at the top. Work logs allow you to document any trades or employees on site that day- just tap the plus sign to create a new work log, add workers and hours,and use the comment box to jot down exactly what they did. You can even use voice to text to go faster. These icons on the bottom appear throughout Raken and they allow you to add attachments to the section of the report you're working on- you can add photos and videos you've already taken, capture a new photo or video through the app itself, or attach a document. The notes section is there for you to quickly write down anything important that happened that day. Just choose what kind of note you'd like to add, issues and concerns side safety and quality control, then you can speak your notes and add attachments. If your report needs some additional materials beyond what you attached in other sections you can add them here.

With Raken your daily survey is completed in a few simple steps- just choose which response fits with the question at hand, comment on it, or add an attachment and you're all set. The tasks section lets you assign a time sensitive time to team members or yourself- to add a new task, just add an assignee, and when you want the work done by, include a description, an attachment, and save it, and the task will appear on the assignee's task list until it's done. When you report, is filled out, you see the finished product and the option to sign and complete it. you can save your signature for the future to sign with just a tap. The report is automatically stored in date stamped time folders on the web app. And should you want to email your report, select the icon here, that's just how easy it is to stay on top of your Daily's right from your phone with Raken.

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