Work Log Rollover

Never enter the same information again with Raken's work log rollover feature.

Never Waste Time Entering the Same Information

This video shows how to complete work logs for daily reports in just a couple of seconds. By rolling over your most recent work logs, Raken lets you create a daily report in seconds. Simply roll over your logs, edit the hours and quantity, and you're all done. No more retyping the exact same work logs day after day. All entries are user time stamped to serve as a legal document in the event of litigation.


Ever feel like you're entering the same work log information day after day? You can now fill out your work logs in just a couple seconds on the Raken app. Simply click on the work log icon on the top of your work logs to copy your most recent entries. that's it. work log names hours and descriptions from the most recent report got rolled over to today's report you can modify entries as you wish by clicking on each field in the event you want certain fields not to rollover simply access the project info tab click settings and daily report once the template is saved your Raken app will only rollover the fields that you selected.

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