Raken December Product Update: Capping off a Big Year

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As we wrap up another year at Raken we decided to take this opportunity to look back at the highlights of the work we've done this year and look ahead to what we've got coming to Raken in 2018.


Over the summer we implemented integrations with Prolog, Procore, and Egnyte construction management software. It was a big deal because for the first time users of those systems could sync their Raken daily reports and photos with their relevant construction management projects.

We did it because Raken was designed to be used in the field. We strive to be a "best in class" application, which means we don't try and do everything, we just try and be the best at what we actually were designed to do. By integrating with larger platforms everyone wins: Raken works in the field, the management software works in the office, and everything is kept in perfect sync.


Much of the work we did on Raken this year were small, simple steps to make the entire experience better. We rolled them out over the course of the year and when you see them all together you get an idea for just how much we want to make sure every little thing is just right.

  • Bulk select and verify unsigned dailies
  • No work done button added
  • Project creation permissions
  • Calendar view
  • Super Daily on mobile
  • Project member search
  • Missed daily notifications
  • Redesigned project home page
  • Photo gallery redesign

It's all part of our plan to make sure that Raken is always working for you in the field.

New Raken

We called it New Raken around the office and the name stuck. It's the term we gave to our largest product update yet that we rolled out to desktop users in November (with mobile users coming soon, but we'll talk about that later.) New Raken came with a whole slew of new features, each one designed and implemented to make the app easier to use and more valuable for members.

  • New, clean look
  • Redesigned activity dashboard that shows all activity in a single feed
  • Insights dashboard for data visualization with side-by-side comparisons across projects
  • New projects screen to keep track of all your sites

New Raken kept all the feature's we've perfected in the past (task and photo management, daily reports etc...) and added some new tools that turn the information in your daily reports into clear, actionable insights you can actually use to manage your sites and get stuff done.

Coming in 2018

We've got lots of features and updates planned for 2018 to make not only make Raken faster and better than ever, but to include new workflows that will turn Raken into the only app you need in the field. Here's what to look for in the near future.

  • New Raken, our major redesign with new features, will be coming to mobile users in just a few days. That means you can have the same clean look and new tools right on your mobile device. Stay tuned for more updates!
  • Time Cards, the next workflow in our sights, will be coming early next year. You'll be able to punch in and out, manage cost codes, track overtime, and generate reports right from the app.

And that's just the beginning. We've got lots more in store, from webinars and learning opportunities to a new feature where we talk about what it's like to be a startup in an emerging field. It's all coming next year!