Raken Spotlight: Brian Naliboff of Dickinson Cameron Construction

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February’s Raken Spotlight features Brian Naliboff, Project Executive at Dickinson Cameron Construction (DCC) New York. His career in construction officially kicked off in 2013 after he graduated from Colorado University, Boulder.


From high-rise to high-end

Dickinson Cameron specializes in construction management for the luxury retail industry. Brian’s first gig in construction brought him to Beverly Hills, California. He started out at DCC as an Assistant Superintendent for the Hermès flagship store in 2013. He continued in the luxury retail space when he was onsite Assistant Project Manager for the Burberry flagship, just down the way on Rodeo Drive.

One of his most memorable projects to date was building a Saint Laurent store from the ground up in the Miami Design District where he faced many challenges including a hurricane, incomplete infrastructure, and high-stakes expectations. Dealing with these barriers helped Brian learn about accepting problems and working through pressure—and led him to commit to technology as a solution for efficiently overcoming setbacks.

Tech is second nature

As a millennial, Brian has been exposed to technology from a very young age. However, working at Dickinson Cameron has provided him with a newfound appreciation for technology strategy.

“We embrace technology as a tool, not a solution, to our management needs and it has helped guide us in a direction where we no longer make decisions based on feel and intuition but on data and real-time evidence instead.” – Brian Naliboff, Dickinson Cameron Construction

As a Project Executive, Brian manages a team of two Project Managers and two Project Engineers, and technology is fundamental to their communication and decision-making processes.


Brian squared. Brian is close friends with General Superintendent Brian Prescott.

All in the family

Although Brian began his career after his college graduation in 2013, he’s been around the industry nearly his entire life. His father founded Dickinson Cameron in the 1990s. When he was in school, Brian’s dad would take him to jobsites during vacations to help sweep and learn the tools and tricks of the trade.

Now, working alongside his father and some of his best friends, his job at DCC grants him the opportunity to create incredible storefronts from start to finish and build relationships with all sorts of subcontractors and retail executives, while being a part of a tight-knit work family.


Brian N., Brian P., and another friend (another Brian maybe?) getting some fresh tracks.

Off the jobsite and into nature

There’s nothing Brian loves more than a good powder day—and he prefers to spend his time out of work in the mountains, be it skiing or other outdoor activities. He also likes to take a bit of work home, working on side projects and practicing his interior design style in his free time.

It’s passionate champions like Brian who inspire us to continue creating products that help construction teams easily make decisions and form efficient processes. When challenges arise, Raken is there to help you keep building.