Raken Spotlight: Tyler Guith of Alta Construction

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This week, we are shining the Raken spotlight Raken on Tyler Guith of Alta Construction Inc., based in Corona, California. Tyler is an industry veteran, and has worked his way up from superintendent, to general superintendent, to project manager, and now, his current role as the director of project management. He has been with Alta for about six years, and was working as a superintendent for ten years prior.


Tyler Guith is one of the individuals responsible for bringing childhood memories back to life. He is helping with the resurrection of Toys R Us, which declared bankruptcy and closed all of their stores in 2018. The company is coming back with a new flair, recreating itself with innovative new stores, and Alta Construction has been the general contractor for this project thus far, with the east coast team working on the New Jersey store, and the west coast team assigned to Houston, Texas. There are about eight more stores yet to be built that will bring the beloved Toys R Us brand to the next level.


Tyler's crews have worked tirelessly to get the new Houston store up and running in only 12 short weeks. For the last six weeks, there were crews present 24/7 - even on Thanksgiving - to make sure the project was completed on time. With this project, there are executives, architects, designers, and others who rely on receiving daily reports sent through Raken. Even when facing seemingly impossible-to-overcome roadblocks, Tyler has used Raken to work through the issues quickly and efficiently. One of the subcontractors unfortunately suffered a heart attack the week they were meant to construct the actual storefront, and instead of delaying progress, he was able to use Raken to monitor progress as he recovered, with the help of Tyler's quick thinking.

All About Experience

In his various roles, Tyler has spent quite a bit of time filling out reports, emailing subcontractors, and providing information to project stakeholders, so he understands the value of digital tools that speed up all of these processes. With his current position as the director of project management, he is proud to work on high-caliber projects that he'd never dreamed of doing.

He never expected to open a 200,000 square foot department store, luxury retailers, or even bring a beloved toy store chain back from the dead, and he truly believes that construction software like Raken has helped make these projects possible. When he first arrived at Alta, he pushed for the company to adopt new technology, and very quickly, he proved that the investment was worth while. The executives saw excellent ROI, and projects had the most thorough documentation they'd ever seen. However, technology is only part of the formula.

"Between experience and technology, you've got a recipe for success" - Tyler Guith, Alta Construction

As a new wave of younger generations enter the construction workforce, the use of technology is rapidly increasing. Tyler believes that tech-savvy young people can adapt to changes quickly, and that just by having this technology at their fingertips, the quality and efficiency of projects improves. When their tech smarts meet the expertise of industry vets, you get a pretty powerful combination.

When Work is Play

When speaking with Tyler Guith, it doesn't take long to figure out that he is passionate about his job. He says that when he's working, he doesn't even think about his paychecks, and just focuses on the fact that, "this is fun and we have a great time doing it." Although he clearly takes his job seriously, he knows how to make it enjoyable. This philosophy is also reflected in the company culture at Alta Construction, which is solid proof that when ownership cares about and invests in employee satisfaction, it really shows.