Task Management for Construction Projects

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Communication between the field and the office has never been an easy feat. When assigning tasks to workers in the field, it can be difficult to remember who was meant to do which job, and sometimes workers might need a reminder or two to get something done. With subcontractors each depending on each other to finish so they can do their jobs, clear communication can end up costing you dearly if something is left behind or forgotten. It can be hard to know which tasks are completed on time, and with faulty tracking systems, progress often falls behind. Luckily, there are now solutions available to help with task management for construction projects so the office and the field stay in the loop and on schedule.

New construction management software programs offer solutions for many different workflows, and those that emphasize field-to-office communication include features for task management. Instead of relying on requesting that supers orally assign tasks to laborers, the office can keep track of tasks through the computer, and receive notifications in real-time as jobs are completed. It's hard to forget to do something when your phone buzzes at you as a reminder every day. An organized system for task management makes a win-win for employees in both the field and the office, and creates a better platform for accountability and punctuality.

Software for the Field and the Office

Construction software can include a vast array of project management solutions, but there are few that focus on communication from the field's perspective. The bottom line is, if the software isn't easy to use in the field, the office won't be benefitting from it either. That's why it is paramount to make a careful decision when investing in construction software. This is where Raken comes in. As useful for the field as it is for the office, Raken is designed for ease-of-use, and has quickly become a favorite for superintendents, foremen, and project managers.

By streamlining communication from the jobsite with its intuitive mobile app, Raken allows those in the field to gather and enter data for reports without a second thought. Raken also provides task management for construction projects with a super simple user interface, so its easy to assign tasks as well as complete them. When a task is completed, the user can upload photos and videos to show exactly what has been done. The office is notified immediately, and projects progress at a much quicker rate.


Anywhere, Anytime

There can be thousands of tasks assigned throughout the duration of a construction project, so its no surprise that mix-ups and delays tend to occur on most jobsites. However, this often has less to do with the individuals working onsite, and more to do with inefficient task administration systems. And when we say inefficient, you know what we're referring to. The worst is just telling somebody to do something and hoping the remember, and only slightly better is the note scrawled and left under the wiper of the truck. Whether a company is based in one city or managing projects across the country, its critical to be able to communicate and manage teams from anywhere, anytime. With Raken, real-time updates make communication a breeze, regardless of physical distance between jobsites and the office. The office can assign tasks to specific people with interactive to-do lists, so it's simple to keep track of what workers are meant to be doing, and when they should be done. Users receive notifications for overdue tasks, so there's no phone calls or nagging necessary.

In addition to the office, leaders onsite can also benefit from the efficiency of digital task management for construction projects. With the traditional method of relying on verbal task management, part of a superintendent or foreman's day-to-day job includes reminding subs of their duties. By using Raken's task management feature, entire steps are eliminated from the daily workflow, opening up more time to focus on other work. Raken's handy mobile app creates more opportunities for organization and communication while eliminating extra hassle for supers and their crews.

Accountability Breeds Productivity

Digital task management can improve productivity in more ways than just assisting with the flow of communication from the office to the field. By giving workers the autonomy to complete tasks, but with the structure of your assigned due dates, they become more accountable than if the instructions were just verbal and general. Due dates also help assignees prioritize which tasks need to be finished first, so their jobs are more likely to be finished on time.

When a task is completed, the assignee can upload photos or videos to provide visual proof that the job is finished, and the media is stored for any future needs. In addition to helping the office, this gives workers the opportunity to get work done without feeling micromanaged by site supers, which in turn will actually more them more productive. The visual evidence of photos proves not only that a task was completed, but also that it was done correctly - both of which help prevent disputes down the line.


Managing Tasks and Kicking... Butt

The age old struggle of getting clear communication from the office to the field has finally met its match. Gone are the days of assigning duties to workers through verbal instructions and middlemen - the new era of task management has begun. With digital tools and software, managing tasks for construction projects is easier, simpler, and more effective. When looking for construction management software that will improve communication, it's imperative to consider what will be easiest for those out in the field to utilize throughout the day. The more accessible the program, the more likely the folks in the field will actually use it. With the right software, the process for managing tasks will be streamlined with interactive check lists that provide the office a clear view of everything happening on a jobsite, and the rate at which a project is progressing.

By providing the platform for laborers to receive and complete task assignments via their smartphones, they will have concrete (ha ha) due dates that allow for prioritization and accountability. Digital task management also opens up the option for photo and video uploads, an assignee can give visual evidence that a task has been completed properly. As soon as a task is completed, the office receives a notification, so information is clearly relayed in real-time, so there are less miscommunications and misunderstandings. Bringing task management for construction projects to the digital realm means that the field and the office are more connected than ever before, and projects can be finished on time, every time.