No More Drowning in Information: Raken Makes Daily Reports Easy

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Having to take notes was hassle enough in high school, but when you're out on a construction site it can downright be a burden. Daily construction reports have always been necessary but can be time-consuming and tedious.

Raken, named the No. 1 daily reporting software and mobile app at Associated General Contractors National, can simplify the process of managing your daily reporting, though. Raken daily reporting app allows users to save anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes daily with its report typing features. It's faster, easier daily reporting that frees up field workers from end-of-the-day drudgery.

With Raken, it’s possible to create a daily report like this example on the go. Imagine being able to take notes in real-time on the job site. The app's speech-to-text capability also means no typing for busy foremen. They can speak into their smartphones or tablets. Raken does the rest.

Construction site daily reports are not simply busy work. They create an ongoing synopsis of activities that provide a window into operations which gives project managers valuable information and insight. Advances in technology over the years may have given managers the option of upgrading from paper-and-pen notes to spreadsheets, but a lack of consistency and centralization has meant even more headaches. The old-fashioned style of most reporting means losing information in a jumble of log book, text files, and spreadsheets. Data is useless if you can't find it.

This all changes with Raken daily report. Gone is the confusing pile of records. The app allows a uniform method of input for each job site that uploads the notes to a single searchable database.

Raken creates professional company-branded daily construction reports. It even allows access to an executive dashboard where project managers can view updates from the job site in real-time, including safety and delay notifications via text message and email.

Raken's clean, intuitive mobile interface also makes it easy to use for everyone – even those averse to technology. It's as easy to use as a tablet or smartphone. Veteran workers with decades of experience may not always be too keen on complicated multi-form software, but give them an opportunity to use their own personal mobile device and they'll jump at the chance. As an anecdote reported in the Engineering News-Record, attributed to a long-time superintendent, put it, “Once they showed me what I could do with a tablet, it was a no-brainer.”