The Best Construction Safety Meeting Topics (and Tips) for a Safe Jobsite

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Your workers’ safety and health is the most important topic and number one priority in the construction industry. From safety training and toolbox talks to safety management, there’s a lot of information out there to keep your workers safe.

But how do you make sure your workers get the help and information they need to stay safe on every one of your construction sites? By making your company toolbox talks more accessible from the field with a toolbox talk app.

Where’s the best place to find construction safety meeting topics?

Everyone knows general workplace safety is important, but conducting safety meetings isn’t always easy. Especially when your employees have to keep tabs on many loose papers—like attendance sheets, meeting records, or talk materials. Their main responsibility is conducting the safety training. Proper documentation and meeting management shouldn’t take up all of their time. By allowing them to use a system that makes the responsibility of finding and documenting safety meeting topics easier, your company is able to better streamline operations—while ensuring important measures for compliance are taken.

Storing your construction safety topics on the cloud is one way to help. Not only do you free up your employees’ time from shuffling through binders—you also keep your talks consistent, no matter the jobsite. That way, all your workers are working towards a common goal of promoting a culture of safety at work.

You can always check out OSHA safety topics online, too. There you’ll find free information on potential construction hazards, as well materials and best practices to give your workers more protection against injuries.

What are some top safety topics?

Here are some of Raken's 100+ safety talks from our free toolbox talks library:

Back Injury and Prevention
Common Unsafe Behaviors in Construction
COVID-19 Worksite Safety
Fall Protection
Fire Extinguisher Use and Inspection
Heavy Equipment Hazards
Ladder Safety
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Pinch Points and Hand Injuries Prevention
Working Alongside Subcontractors

As the construction industry changes with the world (in light of COVID-19), more topics must be addressed. We’re often thinking of new ways to keep safety top of mind in the workplace.

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How to manage and schedule a safety meeting topic with Raken

Raken makes it easy to upload your construction safety topics (or choose from our library) and bulk schedule them from the office for every project. You can also supplement their training, and track worker attendance, in the app.

To manage your Toolbox Talk Library:

  1. First, click on the 'Company' tab in the web app to access your 'Company Settings.’
  2. Select the 'Safety' tab to browse, schedule, and manage 'All,’ 'Past,' and 'Upcoming' talks across all of your projects. Choose from the pre-loaded library of 100+ safety topics available to you and your team.
  3. Preview each talk by clicking on it. Use the pencil and trash can icons to edit the titles, or delete them from your company-level list.
  4. To add your own talks, click the blue 'Upload Talk' button and select the files you want to include.

New industry talks—and changes to existing ones—are instantly available on the mobile app for your team to use for their safety training.

To bulk schedule your construction toolbox talks:

  1. First, click the 'Bulk Schedule' button. Choose '+ New Schedule' from the dropdown menu. Give your schedule a name, then click 'Next.’
  2. Choose specific talks you'd like to include from your library, or select them all.
  3. Set the order of your talks by dragging them into the right order, or changing the number next to the talk name. (You can also remove them with the button). Click 'Next.’
  4. In Schedule Details: Select a start and end date, cadence, and recurrence frequency.
  5. Select an active project for your new safety schedule. Or, apply to all.
  6. Review your settings on the summary screen. Select 'Default' if you want to automatically apply these settings to every future project.

Your team's toolbox talks compliance is shown on your company and project insights pages. That way, you can see at a glance if a site is keeping up with their safety training (or trailing behind) in real time.

If you click the 'Show more' button, you can even see which construction safety talks were completed, and which workers attended. How? Your workers can digitally capture signatures for all their safety meetings—right from their Raken mobile apps. Then, you can access every attendance log from the mobile or web app.

Making sure everyone stays safe on the jobsite just got easier.

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More training and workplace safety, less injuries

There are many safety hazards in the construction industry. That’s why every employee working at your company must understand the importance of safety training—and have an easy way to use the materials and tools provided to document active safety measures in the workplace.

With Raken's construction safety app, your workers get an easy-to-use tool that saves them time, and helps them quickly find toolbox topics and conduct more efficient safety meetings. Schedule a demo with Raken today. (It even comes with a free trial.)